EPT London £20k High Roller: Day 2, level 12 , 13 & 14 updates (2,000-4,000, ante 400)

October 03, 2010


6.45pm: Selbst still chip leader
The dealers are currently doing chip counts of the remaining players and we’ll get them up ASAP, what I do know though, is that Vanessa Selbst is currently chip leader with around 625,000. — NW

6.42pm: Chill out session
That’s the end of our sixth level of the day and the final 18 players are off for a 90-minute dinner break. Roberto Romanello opened the pot to 8,100 from the hijack and the action folded to Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst in the small blind. She made it 22,500 and Romanello mucked his hand and said: “Let’s go chill out.” — RD

ept london_highroller 2_roberto romanello.jpg

A pre-chill out Roberto Romanello

6.30pm: What’s the tournament players favourite joke?
Andrew Robl has the answer and it’s coming right up. But first I need to back up a little. Juha Helppi raised on the button to 9,500 and from the small blind Peter Jetten moved all-in for around 90,000. Andrew Robl folded the big blind. Helppi then stacked all his chips as if he was going to move all-in but did the old fake to shove, then fold. “The fake all-in move and then fold is the tournament players favourite joke,” opined Robl. — NW

6.21pm: Feldman hangs Iola out to dry
In a battle of the blinds Sam Iola fired at the flop and turn of a A♥6♠2♦2♠8♥ board with Andrew Feldman (in the big blind) calling down with K♣K♠. Iola was forced to show 5♣3♠ for a missed bluffed gutshot. Iola is short on 70,000. — RD

ept london_high roller 2_sam iola.jpg

Sam Iola’s stack has been going the wrong direction – he’s down to 70,000

6.10pm: Chip counts
Here’s how it stands with 18 players left, these chip counts are guesstimates, we’ll do full chip counts on the next break:

Table One:

Seat One – Andrew Feldman, 60,000
Seat two – Vanessa Selbst, 630,000
Seat three – Amit Makhija, 210,000
Seat four – Nacho Barbero, 355,000
Seat five – Empty
Seat six – Roberto Romanello, 88,000
Seat seven – Sam Iola, 210,000
Seat eight – Empty

Table two:

Seat One – Pierre Neuville, 144,000
Seat two – Empty
Seat three – Fabian Quoss, 143,000
Seat four – Dan Smith, 126,000
Seat five – Jani Sointula, 160,000
Seat six – Antoine Saout, 273,000
Seat seven – Matt Marafioti, 250,000

Table three:

Seat One – Juha Helppi, 215,000
Seat two – Clayton Maguire, 175,000
Seat three – Peter Jetten, 125,000
Seat four – Andrew Robl, 325,000
Seat five – Empty
Seat six – Empty
Seat seven – Will Molson, 205,000
Seat eight – Shane Reihill, 145,000

5.56pm: Make way for Makhija
Amit Makhija has just barged his way past Andrew Feldman and Vanessa Selbst to nick a 57,000 pot. Feldman opened from the button to 8,600 and was called by Slebst in the small blind and Makhija in the big blind. Makhija led the 9♦J♣2♣ flop and Feldman called. He’d been making plenty of movements as if he was going to shove but elected not to. Makhija’s 33,000 bet on the Q♣ on the turn was enough to take the pot down and him up to 210,000.

Selbst is chip leader (again) with over 630,000. One tough cookie. — RD

ept london_high roller 2_amit makhija.jpg

Amit Makhija is wedged between the big stacks of Selbst and Barbero

5.45pm: Good call, sort of
An intriguing hand just played out between Fabian Quoss and Antoine Saout. Those two along with Pierre Neuville all put in 8,000 to see the 10♣6♦3♠ flop. It was checked to Quoss who bet 14,800, a bet Saout raised to 39,700. Neuville folded but Quoss made the call. Both players checked the 4♠ turn so to a 10♦ river we went. Saout led for 47,200 and Quoss now tanked before making the call. Saout said, ‘Good call,’ and turned over K♥6♠ to his surprise it was good as Quoss mucked. Saout now has 275,000, Quoss around 175,000.– NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,000-4,000, ANTE 400

5.40pm: Reihill shoves
Irishman Shane Reihill limped into Juha Helppi’s big blind and when the Finn raised to 9,000 Reihill quickly banged in his 82,000 stack. Helppi didn’t know what to do and eventually folded flashing the A♦. — RD

5.32pm: Aggression factor = high
On the table containing Andrew Robl, Will Molson and Peter Jetten barely a hand goes by that isn’t three-bet pre-flop, the players seemingly taking it in turn to win pots pre-flop. Afer Molson eliminated Koskinen, Robl said: “Back when we were playing $5/$10 I knew you were going to win all the money.” — NW

5.22pm: Molson felts Koskinen
Another one bites the dust; Clayton Maguire raised it to 7,000 from early position, Will Molson three-bet to 21,000 from the small blind and then from the big blind Ilkka Koskinen moved all-in for around 65,000. Maguire quickly folded and just as quickly Molson made the call.

Molson: A♣K♥
Koskinen: Q♠Q♣

It was the most classic of races although it was fairly one sided once the flop had come K♦4♠K♣ no ladies appeared on the 3♣5♥ river to help Koskinen. Molson has a stack of around 235,000. — NW

5.15pm: Feldman looking frustrated
Andrew Feldman is shaking his head and muttering under his breath, which is never a good sign in a high roller event. Nacho Barbero opened the pot for 7,500 and was called by Sam Iola in the cut-off before Feldman squeezed the pot to 23,300. Barbero wilted and Iola stood firm. Iola moved a large stack in on the 3♥6♥9♠ flop putting Feldman all-in. Much cranium wobbling later and Feldman tossed his hand away. The Brit is getting pretty short stacked with 120,000. — RD

5.11pm: Smith shows aces, Gurtovoy takes a walk
Dan Smith is up to 230,000 busting Antoly Gurtovoy with pocket aces. The Bulgarian was obviously more than a little frustrated and quickly stalked away from the table. — RD

5.05pm: Molson golden
Will Molson has doubled up through Clayton Maguire. By the time I reached the table Maguire’s hand was in the muck but Molson had J♥J♣ in front of him and the board read K♠10♣Q♥7♥J♦. Maguire shipped somewhere in the region of 130,000 in Molson’s direction, the former now on 210,000 the later around 265,000. — NW

ept london_high roller 2_will molson.jpg

Will Molson is making a late surge

4.55pm: Barbero ramping up the aggression
Since Nacho Barbero binked a queen to suck out on Michael Tureniec’s ace-king he’s been a terror at the table. A fact that has not escaped some of the other players. Andrew Feldman seems to be grumbling about it to Vanessa Selbst anyway. Barbero opened for 7,500 and Sam Iola three-bet to 24,000. Barbero may as well have shrugged before grabbing a stack of 5,000 chips and boshing in a four-bet raise to win the hand. His chips are breeding. — RD

4.44pm: Ainsworth out
Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth lost a big pot some levels again to Juha Helppi and he never really recovered. He just shoved his last 30,000 or so with ace-little into the ace-king of Clayton Maguire. He didn’t catch up and the Irishman took a bow with just three tables left. — RD

ept london_high roller 2_jude ainsworth.jpg

Irish eyes are no longer smiling in the High Roller event

4.35pm: Nach me if you can
After his recent double up Team PokerStars Pro Nacho Barbero is now chipleader with 525,000, not far behind is fellow Team Pro Vanessa Selbst who has 475,000. Current short stacks include Matt Marafioti (53,000) and Ilkka Koskinen (66,000) we’re in the process of updating every remaining players chip counts on our chip count page. — NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000, ANTE 300

4.30pm: “Well played”
Nacho Barbero looked a little sheepish when Michael Tureniec sarcastically shot a spiteful “Well played” at him. Little surprise given that the pot just played that ended up with – if myself and their tablemate Amit Makhija have it correct – a seven-bet shove from Barbero which saw the Argentine spike a queen with A♥Q♣ to Tureniec’s big slick for a 520,000 chip leading pot.

The very next hand Tureniec got his last 40,000 in with A♣Q♠ against Amit Makhija’s who has woken up with aces in the big blind. Ugly stuff for the Swede, who commented that maybe he shouldn’t have snapped at Barbero. “Hey, these things can get emotional,” reasoned Makhija who looked slightly apologetic at knocking Tureniec so soon after his monster pot bad beat. That was the last hand before the break. — RD

4.20pm: Who’s where
We’re down to 23 players and just three tables, tournament staff just broke the table that hand, amongst others, Roberto Romanello and Lex Veldhuis on it. Here’s how the remaining three tables shape up. Players will be on a break in 10 minutes and we’ll be getting full chip counts then.

Table One:

Seat One – Andrew Feldman
Seat two – Vanessa Selbst
Seat three – Amit Makhija
Seat four – Nacho Barbero
Seat five – Michael Tureniec
Seat six – Roberto Romanello
Seat seven – Sam Iola
Seat eight – Lex Veldhuis

Table two:

Seat One – Pierre Neuville
Seat two – Antoly Gurtovoy
Seat three – Fabian Quoss
Seat four – Dan Smith
Seat five – Jani Sointula
Seat six – Antoine Saout
Seat seven – Matt Marafioti

Table three:

Seat One – Juha Helppi
Seat two – Clayton Maguire
Seat three – Peter Jetten
Seat four – Andrew Robl
Seat five – Shane Reihill
Seat six – Jude Ainsworth
Seat seven – Will Molson
Seat eight – Ilkka Koskinen

4.10pm: David Peters out
Antoine Saout opened the pot for 5,700 from the cut-off and was called by David Peters on the button and Antoly Gurtovoy in the small blind. Saout made a standard continuation bet on the J♥8♦7♣ flop and was called by Peters. Gurtovoy moved out of the way. Frenchman Saout fired 15,600 at the Q♣ turn and Peters took his sweet time in raising to 67,400 leaving himself with 45,000 behind.

It was Saout’s time to sit and think and he eventually, and quietly, announced: “All-in.” Peters didn’t look thrilled but was obliged to make the call.

Saout: J♣5♣ for second pair and flush draw
Peters: K♣10♣ for open-ended straight draw and a dominating flush draw

Peters blanked the river and Saout raked in the 250,000 pot. Last year’s third place WSOP Main Event winner is chipping up nicely. — RD

ept london_high roller 2_antoine saout.jpg

Antoine Saout has amassed quite a stack of chips

4pm: Two shells, three bullets
Team PokerStars Pro Nacho Barbero and Sam Iola have clashed in a few pots today and they just played another. From the hi-jack Barbero made it 6,000 to go and was called by Iola on the button. The flop fell 6♠3♥K♦. Barbero led for 7,500 and was raised to 18,200 by Iola. Barbero made the call. Both players checked the 10♥ turn to see a A♠ river. Barbero led for 25,000 from his remaining stack of 90,000. Iola pulled a face that seemed to convey ‘Ah damn, I don’t like it, but I’m probably going to have to call.’ And call he did, Barbero rolled over A♦A♣ and Iola said ‘nice hand,’ before mucking. — NW

3.49pm: Feldman stagnant
Andrew Feldman started the day second in chips with 200,000 and he’s barely moved since. He’s currently sat on 190,000 or so and I just overheard him chatting to someone on the rail: “I’ve not had much going on. I had ace-king once and had jacks on an nine-seven-five board. The other guy had six-eight.” — RD

3.40pm: Rousso busts
There’s a Dan Smith shaped person sitting in the seat that was previously occupied by Vanessa Rousso. The Team PokerStars pro is currently having a chat with her husband and fellow Team PokerStars pro, Chad Brown in an area of the card room far away from the High Rollers event. We’re pretty sure that means she’s out. — NW

3.35pm: State of play
Alexander Roumeliotis and Dan O’Brien are both missing presumed out with 26 players remaining. Vanessa Selbst still leads the way she just flopped a set of kings on an all club board and showed after fellow Team PokerStars pro Nacho Barbero had folded. — NW

ept london_higheroller 2_.jpg

MIA: Alexander Roumeliotis is one of the mostly recently departed

3.30pm: Helppi continuing his climb
Juha Helppi is nwo tapping on the door marked 200,000. He’s just won another tasty pot, this time from Will Molson. There was 36,000 in the pot with a board reading K♠A♠K♣7♠ when Helppi led from the big blind for 21,000. Molson made the call. Another 23,000 on the Q♦ river was enough to shake Molson off and chip Helppi up to 190,000. — RD

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT London High Roller (in order of sachets of electrolyte fluid replacement sachets consumed today): Rick Dacey (2) and Nick Wright (1). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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