EPT London £20k High Roller: Day 1, level 1, 2, 3 & 4 updates (150-300, ante 25)

October 02, 2010


4.35pm: Break time
The end of level four brings about the second break of the day. See you in 15.

4.33pm: Negreanu gets unlucky again
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu has been out-drawn again but this time it was fatal. Sam Stein raised to 800 and Negreanu defended from the BB. The flop came [t][t][3] and Negreanu check-raised Stein’s 1,100 bet up to 3,100. Call. The turn came [4] and Negreanu over-bet shoved for around 17,000 with [t][6]. Stein called in a flash as the turn had hit him smack in the face as he held pocket fours. The river came [7] and Stein raked in the pot to move to 47,000.

4.25pm: More late arrivals
Registration is open for this event until the end of this level (four). Two players who have recently come in are Team PokerStars Pro Jude Ainsworth and WSOPE Champion James Bord.


Nacho with chips

4.05pm: Nachos with extra topping
Team PokerStars Pro Nacho Barbero is up 165,000 and is the current chip leader. He won a nice sized pot after catching Jean Noel Thorel bluffing again and then he busted Andrew Pantling. Barbero told me that four players saw a 7♥4♥3♥ flop that was checked to [a] turn. Pantling led for 2,100 and was called in one spot before Berbero made it 8,500 to go. Both players called to see the [5] flop where Barbero over shoved for 60k. Pantling tank-called all-in but mucked upon seeing Barbero’s A♥9♥ for the flopped nut-flush.

3.55pm: Still running hot
Sam Trickett, like a lot of UK players this year, is running hot and the hand he busted Will Reynolds is proof of that. The two saw a flop with two kings on it and half the chips went in before the rest went it on the queen turn. The PCA High Roller champion held ace-king but Trickett turned a full-house with king-queen. Trickett up to 110,000 now.

3.40pm: Kaiser gets caught
Ronny Kaiser is down to 28,000 after trying to force Dan O’Brien off a hand. The board read 6♠2♥J♠2♦5♥ and Kaiser led for 5,000 from the SB. O’Brien made it 7,400 to go only for the young Swiss to raise to 14,200. O’Brien thought for 30 seconds and moved all-in, forcing Kaiser to back down. O’Brien up to to 45,000.

LEVEL UP. Blinds, 150-300 (ante 25)

3.30pm: Is this the real Negreanu or a counterfeit?
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is down to 15,000 after losing a very big pot to Erik Seidel. Here’s how he tweeted about it: Just played a 150k pot in the high roller. I had 2-7 vs AK on turn K 2 6 7 river came a King oh well lol.

3.20pm: Lex likes
Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis has doubled-up through team member Vanessa Selbst. There was an under-the-gun raise to 8,00 that Velhuis treated to a 2,500 re-raise. Selbst was in the small blind and and studied Velhuis hard before four-betting to 9,000. The original aggressor folded but the Dutchman moved in for 15,075. Selbst went “Arghhh” and made the call.

Veldhuis: 10♥10♦
Selbst: 4♠4♥

The board ran 6♠2♥J♠2♦9♥.

Velduis back up to 32,000 whereas Selbst is down to 40,000.


Veldhuis much happier now

3.05pm: Phew!
Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier and Sorel Mizzi are locked in a continuous conversation and seem to be really enjoying each others company. The conversation took a brief pause though while they played out a hand. Mizzi raised to 750 and called Mercier’s 2,225 three-bet to see a K♠Q♦6♣ flop. The action went check-check and is also did on the 10♠ turn. The river came 2♦ and Mizzi check-folded to a 3,800 bet. “Phew” said Mercier before offering his opponent the chance to see one card. Mizzi chose the 3♣ and both players laughed. they’re both on 33,000 after the hand.

2.50pm: Thorson starts well
William Thorson is a new arrival at the beginning of level three and he wasted no time in dispatching Martin Kabrhel. The EPT Deauville High Roller champion had less than 5,000 when he pushed with pocket fours. Thorson called with ace-jack and and hit a flush to take the pot and the scalp.

2.40pm: News from a snapper
Our roaming photographer Neil Stoddart has informed me of the demise of Nikolay Evdakov. He saw a 9♣7♣2♣ flop before all the chips went in. Evdakov held pocket queens to Benyamine’s set of nines. Neither player had a club and the board ran out blank. The Frenchman up to 105,000 now.


Benyamine over 100k already

2.30pm: LEVEL UP. Blinds 150-300

2.15pm: Break time
Players are on their first 15 minute break of the day.

2pm: Cookie jar?
Jean Noel Thorel just made a pretty strange lay-down in what must’ve been a bluff gone wrong. He was heads-up with reigning High Roller champion Tobias Reinkemeier and the turn was out to give a A♥8♥6♦[Q♥ board. The German led for 6,500 from the hi-jack to face a raise to 22,000 from the Frenchman. Reinkemeier tanked for ages asking his opponent “Do you have a flush?” Eventually he moved all-in for another 7,055 and instead of receiving the call he was expecting Thorel tank-folded. The Frenchman looked down at his chips while his table mates stared at each other with confused looks on their faces.

1.40pm: Deeb doubles in size
Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis is down to 11,000 after doubling up Freddy Deeb. Veldhuis raised from the cut-off and Deeb called from the BB to see a 6♠3♣K♣ flop where he check-called a c-bet. The turn came 4♥ and Deeb check-raised the Dutchman’s 2,600 bet up to 10,000. Veldhuis called quickly with a big smile on his face to see the 7♥ river. Deeb shoved for his last 17,300 and Veldhuis snap-called. Deeb opened 7♠5♠ for a straight. Veldhuis mucked saying “That’s gross. I was hoping you had a set of sixes.”

“Then I guess you had three kings?” replied Deeb, who’s up to 62,000.

1.20pm: Old School
Team PokerStars Pro Daniiel Negreanu is in a great mood and having fun at his table even though he busted from the main event a little while ago. It might have a lot to do with getting his first EPT cash, removing that monkey from his back. He just raised to 900 from under-the-gun calling it “Old school” and managed to take down the blinds. He flashed us six-high before mucking.

“Let’s do shots and get wasted” he said to me. I would love to Daniel, but it might have to wait until the party later. In case you hadn’t noticed Negreanu is here to gamble today.


Negreanu having fun

1.05pm: Late arrivals
Freddy Deeb and Sorel “side event specialist” Mizzi are two of the late arrivals along with Team PokerStars Pros Vannessa Selbst, David Williams and Daniel Negreanu. The latter of these just busted from the main event for his first EPT main event cash.

12.50pm: All about one man right now
Sam Iola is the man right now. He just saw a A♣3♣4♣ flop in position against Jason Mercier. Mercier led for 600 and called Iola’s raise to 1,950 before he check-called a 3,625 bet on the 4♦ turn. The river came 5♣ and Mercier checked to face a 6,250 bet to which he let out a big sigh. “Straighting or housing?” asked Mercier.

He thought for a while longer before letting it go to leave himself with 31,000. Iola’s up to 120,000 now.

12.35pm: Man down
We’ve already lost one player and it’s Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie. I missed the action but apparently Sam Iola raised and then flat called a Duthie three-bet to see a 5♠Q♦5♣ flop. Iola led and Duthie called before the same action happened on the 3♣ turn. The river came K♥ and Iola led once more only for Durthie to put in a raise to 20,000. Iola moved all-in and Duthie called. Duthie tabled pocket aces but had been rivered by Iola’s pocket kings.


Duthie downed

12.25pm: A taster
If you think the £20k price tag is going to make these players nit-up, think again. Shawn Buchanan opened a pot to 500 before the button three-bet to 1,100 and Scott Seiver four-bet 4,100. The action was over there though as Ignat George was in the big blind and he put in a five bet to 10,400! The first two players folded quickly but Seiver took a lot longer to fold and shook his head while doing so.

12.15pm: Shuffle-up and deal
Play is under way. The plan is to play eight one hour levels with no dinner break. We would’nt want these high-rollers to miss out on the extravagant PokerStars party tonight now, would we? For a full list of those registered so far check out our chip page here. Registration will stay open for the first four levels so we expect this list to grow.

12pm: Welcome to the EPT London High Roller Event
The first high roller event of the season is upon us. We’re expecting dozens of poker superstars to pay £20,000 each to win this prestigious event that has previous winners which includes Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier. He’ll be back to try and reclaim his title from Matt Glanz (last year’s winner) but will also have to battle his way past the likes of ElkY (former PCA High Roller Champion), Toby Lewis (EPT Vilamoura Champion) and Tobias Reinkemeier (Monte Carlo High Roller Champion).


Tobias Reinkemeier; reigning High Roller Champion

The start of the action is a little delayed. Be sure to come back soon for the high level fueled poker action

All photos brought to you by Neil Stoddart.


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