EPT London £10k High Roller: Ulliott’s sticky sleeve just one obstacle at final table

October 12, 2013

The EPT London £10,300 High Roller is playing a real-time final table. There’s no one-hour delay, but no EPTLive webcast either. So let us fill you in on some of the flavour around the action. There are currently five players remaining in the High Roller, but when I joined the action there were eight. Two players fell in little more than one orbit. Make your guesses of which players bust…

1. Mark Teltscher, UK, 542,000
2. Carla Sabini, Canada, 1,155,000
3. Luca Pagano, Italy, Team PokerStars Pro, 578,000
4. Sorel Mizzi, Canada, 550,000
5. Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott, 1,240,000
6. Jason Lavallee, Canada, 2,100,000
7. Simon Higgins, UK, 721,000
8. Tamer Kamel, UK, 492,000


Eight remain

Sabini on the button
Devilfish opened under-the-gun for 75,000 and Lavallee, in the next seat along, pops it up to 180,000. The ‘fish folded and muttered strongly under his breath.

Pagano on the button
The action folded to Mark Teltscher, a man who looks in a state of semi-surprise at all times, and he moved in three of his five stacks, which actually account for most of chip count. It’s not all-in, but it is all-in effectively and the table treated it as such with Devilfish folding his big blind.

Mizzi on the button
Kamel jammed from early position. Either way it’s well respected or no-one has a marginal calling hand. Fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, and fold. The last one is chip leader Lavallee in the big blind. Kamel raked in the blinds and antes.

Ulliott on the button
As the dealer washed the deck Ulliott stared to tell Lavallee a joke. Maybe it was an anecdote. Either way, all I could pick out is “young guy says to me once”, the rest can’t be picked out unless I could get close enough to a) block the camera set up , or b) clamber on Lavallee’s back.

Teltscher, with a somewhat pained expression, jammed all-in and it folded to Lavallee who insta-shoved over the top.

“Shit, so quick,” said Teltscher tabling K♠Q♦.

Lavallee’s K♦K♣ was a long way ahead and stayed as such despite a flopped queen. Teltscher was sent to the rail in 8th for £44,775. Teltscher questioned out loud whether he should have moved all-in there, which sounded largely a rhetorical should-I-not-have-gone-bust-there question. Devilfish didn’t take it as such and replied, “Could have made it 100.”

Teltscher departed wishing the table the best of luck. Seven remained.


Devilfish looking at a picture of himself ‘sleeping’ in Bobby’s Room, yesterday

Lavallee on the button
Someone won the pot pre-flop. My eagle-eyed attention was drawn elsewhere. To the water fountain, in fact. Little of note on that hand, but my throat felt better lubricated.

Higgins on button
Ulliott opened to 75,000 from the hijack into Sabini’s big blind. The Canadian amateur, who we spoke to yesterday, likes to colour co-ordinate. Yesterday it was electric blue and black, today it’s neon pink and black.

“You made it 75? 220,” said Sabini.

Fish muttered something back at her. Perhaps needling about a hand from yesterday.

“That was yesterday. That’s over,” said Sabini.

So it was about an earlier hand then.

Ulliott passed and said, “Smells like two queens.”

Sabini claimed it was close and that she had jacks. Likely story…

Ulliott then spilled orange juice over the lip of the rail. It’s a novel way of marking the cards. I think the eight of diamonds is stickier than the jack of spades?

Kamel on the button
Pagano got a walk.


Luca Pagano: making a good run in his first High Roller

Sabini on the button
Lavallee min-raised to 60,000 from middle position and Sabini called on the button. Mizzi, slowly, came along for the ride in the big blind.

Lavallee c-bet the 8♥9♦3♠ flop for 78,000. Sabini looked at Mizzi, Mizzi looked at Lavallee. Sabini called. Mizzi mucked. The dance continued.

The 3♥ fell on the turn, changing little from the flop. Lavallee conceded the lead in the hand to Sabini who fired 100,000 into the pot. Lavallee made the call.

Lavallee checked the K♠ river over to Sabini who quickly – perhaps too quickly? – bet 160,000, around a quarter of the pot. Lavallee didn’t look thrilled but didn’t toss his hand away. Sabini had around 800,000 back and if it was a value bet it looked like she was getting paid. If it was a bluff it looked like she was going to get picked off.

Lavallee made the call with Q♣J♣ to trump the other busted draw of Q♦10♦. Nice call from Lavallee and I think you could claim that had Sabini pumped another four 25,000 chips into the river bet she would have taken the pot. Then again, we’re looking at one orbit and haven’t been playing with these guys for the last two-and-a-half days. Everyone’s an expert from the safety of their laptop.

Pagano bust a couple of hands later in 7th for £60,930 with sticky-sleeved Dave Ulliott going a little later in 6th for £82,315.


What they’re playing for (and £357,700)

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