EPT Kyiv: The wild wild east

August 19, 2009

A cowboy leans back in his chair, part of a well fed gut protruding over a fine looking belt buckle, and fans himself with a giant Stetson. He nods amiably at a passerby while enjoying the wet end of a cigar and tolerating as best he can the afternoon heat…

It can only be EPT Kyiv, where Italian Alfonso Amendola plays cowboy, and poker, alongside Russian Ivan Demidov, occasionally resting his Cohiba on his chip stack of 29,000 and continuing an Italian poker practice of holding conversations with each other despite being seated at tables 30 feet apart.

Eric Turner sits in seat one, whose day continues at steady pace, his dad watching from the stands about 30 feet away (Turner walks over to chat, doesn’t shout). He spoke to the video blog team earlier today…

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His is a standard table five levels in to a tournament. A couple of older guys like Amendola in seat nine and Sendetskiy in seat six; a couple much younger like Priit Turner from Estonia and Vasil Rodskyy who wears a t-shirt with a hood, big sunglasses and a broom-like moustache putting him anywhere between 21 and 50-years-old. Then there’s a player everyone recognises…


Ivan Demidov

Demidov, for his part, looks like a man with regrets. Either that or he’s just dog tired. Every now and then his girlfriend Liya Gerasimova stops by for a word before returning to her own table and a stack of 36,000. Judging from the next hand though that word might have been “kill”.


Gerasimova shares a word with Demidov

Priit Turner made it 775 pre-flop from the cut off which Sendetskiy in the small blind and Demidov in the big both called for a flop of 9♥4♠J♣. Amendola made a phone call.

Sendetskiy checked while an Italian voice from a nearby table says “I lose 80 per cent. 80 per cent!” But everyone has their own problems. Demidov checked before Turner made it 1,200. Before Sendetskiy folded Demidov took another look. He likes to get down low to check his cards and he keeps his chips far to the right, almost in the space of the player next to him, to give his elbows some room to bend. He decides to re-raise to 3,650.
“How much?” asks Turner.

“Thirty-six-fifty” replies the table in unison. Too rich for Turner, sending Demidov back above the waterline to 34,000.

* * * * *


Michele Limongi still has the honour, currently playing a stack of 33,500.


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