EPT Kyiv: Setting the agenda for day three

August 21, 2009


Day three at EPT Kyiv and the chairman of a board of directors has drawn up the following agenda:

Item one: Minutes from previous meeting.
Item two: Analyse statistical data. In this case, chip counts.
Item three: Reassemble field of 68 remaining players.
Item four: Set clock to start of tournament level 13. Blinds and antes are: 1,200-2,400 (200).
Item five: Play towards the bubble. Forty players get paid, meaning 28 are going to go home with nothing. (Hope the slowdown before the bubble bursting doesn’t last too long.)
Item six: Play down to the final four tables. We will finish today when 32 players remain.
Item seven: Discuss promotional materials for EPT Live, the peerless webcast that will bring you all the action from the featured table from tomorrow, as well as roving coverage from the floor of the Palace of Sports.
Item eight: Any other business.


It really is as simple as that, although it could take any amount of time. The chip leader from yesterday was Vitaly Tolokonnikov, who had more than 370,000 at day’s end.


Vitaly Tolokonnikov

Tolokonnikov led a leaderboard heavy in representatives from the CIS countries: there are six Russians, one Ukrainian and one Estonian, with the ever-reliable Germans the only exceptions. Jonas Kronwitter and the PokerStars qualifier Michael Meyburg are those outliers.

There will be more frantic action this afternoon, when we’ll find out if anyone can match the exploits of Tolokonnikov from yesterday. He went from 12,000 overnight to chip leader. All the moves, charges and crashing in flames will be covered right here. Stick with us.

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