EPT Dublin: The pack dwindles

November 02, 2007

PokerStars players have been well represented this week but alas another has fallen to the rail in the shape of Jan Veit. Jan, of day one ‘Irish hat/ginger beard’ fame, was looking to improve on the 14th place he managed in Monte Carlo earlier this year. It was not to be in Dublin but a good performance nonetheless; particularly as he survived nerve wracking moments as the towers of chips on his table cast him in shadows.

Jan Veit

The end for Jan came when he moved all in with A-T against the pocket sevens of Daan Ruiter. Neither ace nor ten came and picking up his miniature sheep card-protector Jan ended another EPT with a bag of cash – in the money and 21st place.


Arshad Hussein doubles up

A player with a long history in the EPT is Arshad Hussain following his second place finish at the EPT Grand Final in season two. The Englishman, who started today at the bottom on the pile chip-wise, doubled up in the opening levels, going in blind. Well, whatever works. He still has his work cut out.


Csaba Malnai is out in 20th place moving all-in with ace-queen against the tens of Lusovic Lacay who’s hand held up. It leaves 19 players left.

Tournament update:

21st place — Jan Veit — Germany — PokerStars qualifier — €10,210
20th place — Csaba Malnai — Hungary — €10,210
19th place — Simon Munoz — Spain — €10,210
18th place — Michiel Brummelhuis — Holland — €10,210


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