EPT Dublin: The action continues

November 04, 2007

Reuben Peters, PokerStars qualifier from Colorado, USA, wins EPT Dublin and €532,620

8.15pm — Annette Obrestad, Norway, eliminated in second place for €297,800
On a flop of T-6-3 Annette bet 230k. Reuben moved all-in and Annette called for her tournament life. A-T for Reuben, pocket sevens for Annette who made a curse sound as she turned her cards over. A four on the turn, a three on the river. After a cursory count to make sure, it was all over. PokerStars qualifier Reuben Peters is the new EPT Dublin champion.

8.10pm — A huge hand that has turned the tournament on its head. Reuben bet 52k which Annette re-raised over 100k more. Reuben called, seeing a king high flop. Now Annette bet 420k, a huge bet which Reuben seized to move all-in. A massive pot which, when Annette folded, flung the chip lead into the grateful hands of Reuben.

8.00pm — Something strange has begun to happen. A shift in the force has allowed Reuben to add to his stack. Pots that had been going Annette’s way began going the way of Reuben.

7.45pm — Reuban moves in on a flop of 4-6-9. Annette calls showing top pair 9-J, but it’s Reuben ahead with bottom two pair 4-6. They hold up, doubling him up to close to a million.

7.25pm — Reijo Manninen, Finland, PokerStars qualifier, is eliminated in third place for €178,680
Reijo moved all-in for close to 200k which Annette called. Interestingly she was behind on the showdown, but she could afford to be. A-3 for Annette, A-J for Reijo. If Reijo was counting on the poker gods he would be waiting in vain. On a flop of K-Q-K he was ahead, as Lee Jones announced to the rail. Then lightening struck. The three hit the turn to flip the hand on its head. to the soundtrack of gasps from the crowd Reijo knew what to do and was walking away from the table before the river brought a blank. After just over three hours of play the EPT Dublin is heads up.

7.15pm — It’s beginning to look like this is rightfully Annette’s title and Annette is playing that way. Lee Jones is on the mike: “Annette bets, Reijo folds. Annette bets, Reuben folds.”

Reuben Peters – USA – PokerStars qualifier – 675,000
Annette Obrestad – Norway – 2,390,000
Reijo Manninen – Finland – PokerStars qualifier – 250,000
Trond Eidsvig – Norway – 492,000

7.05pm – Trond Eidsvig, Norway, eliminated in fourth place for €127,630
For the second time in this final Annette Obrestad busts a player using pocket aces. Trond had moved all-in with jacks but couldn’t believe it when Annette showed her hand. Eliminated, Trond shook the hands of everyone leaving Annette till last. He smiled in pain, she smiled in joy. Three players remain.

6.55pm — Reuben raised, was re-raised by Trond and then pushed all-in. While he sat spinning on his chair Trond pulled a few faces over this one. He didn’t like it but he folded anyway, showing his A-T in the process.

6.50pm — Play resumes after the break, with chip counts as follows:

Reuben Peters – USA – PokerStars qualifier – 429,000
Annette Obrestad – Norway – 1,1995,000
Reijo Manninen – Finland – PokerStars qualifier – 399,000
Trond Eidsvig – Norway – 492,000


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