EPT Dublin: It seems such an easy game

November 02, 2007

Brandon Schaeffer has moved, so has PokerStars qualifier Casper Hansen. Where? Right next to each other. Casper has 125k – Brandon, he has about 100k less.

With chips comes the opportunity to enjoy yourself, but Casper looks the type to enjoy himself anyway – a subscriber to the large sunglasses look and a visor on his head twisted slightly to about 30 degrees off centre. The chain around his neck sparkles and his grin is wide enough to count his teeth. This is his work. He’s in his office now and business is good.

The chip lead also comes with responsibility – it becomes your job to make the lives of those around you feel miserable. Brandon Schaeffer would soon be out, unable to stay afloat and others would experience the same. On my last look Casper was still ahead and smiling – the Dane looking to make a big mark on the EPT.

Tournament update:

Tournament Director Thomas Kremser in on the action as Noah Boeken looks on
(c) Neil Stoddart

Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken secured a double up against Antonio Lemos, moving all-in with a queen-high flush. Antonio had taken his time calling, with Tournament Director Thomas Kremser called over to count him down. Just as the minute was up Antonio called, eventually showing A-5.


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