EPT Dublin: First to go…

November 02, 2007

Andy Black

One of the most recognisable players on the circuit, Andy Black cuts an imposing jib at any poker table. Beard, beads and Buddhism join forces to make one of the world’s most formidable tournament players. His bag of idiosyncrasies to hand – moving purposefully and quickly at all times; hurrying the game along in a way you’d do if the blinds were about to go up and you were liable to pay; and using one of his two looks – wide eyed and scary looking or broad grinned and friendly. It puts any previous or potential victim at ease, for a short time anyway. He’s good cop bad cop rolled into one.

Kristian Kjondal

Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano and Kristian Kjondal just received the bad cop treatment – a three way scrap with both Luca and Kristian all-in and Andy in there with them with the chips and the cards. Kings for Andy, queens for Kristian, sixes for Luca. No solace on the board. It left Andy ahead and responsible for two eliminations in one hand.

“Yes!” he cried whilst Luca tried to console himself with yet another cash finish, his seventh to date on the EPT and his third in 24th place. I imagine that won’t ease the pain one bit.

Luca Pagano during happier times this week
(c) Neil Stoddart

Tournament update:

24th place — Luca Pagano – Italy — Team PokerStars Pro — €10,210
23rd place — Kristian Kjondal — Norway — €10,210
22nd place – Guillaume de la Gorce — France — €10,210


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