EPT Dublin: Final table action

November 03, 2007

6.30pm — Players pause for a 15 minute break.

6.20pm — A full half an hour has passed since the last elimination. It was about time we had an all-in. Reuben Peters this time, naturally called by Annette. Q-J of diamonds for the PokerStars qualifier, A-K for Annette. The flop came 9-2-8 with two diamonds, giving Reuben a gutshot straight and flush draw. He didn’t get either but found a queen on the river to double him up,

6.00pm — The Norwegians are here. Age Spets and EPT Dortmund winner Andreas Hoivold have got comfortable on the rail, cheering Annette. Or Trond.

5.50pm — Daan Ruiter, Holland, eliminated in fifth place for €105,510
In keeping with the hyper-paced action Daan moves in following an Annette raise of 45k. She then called showing A-J to Daan’s A-T. A friend of Daan’s cheers him on from the rail. “Come on, one time!” he says. Then, for I think the first time this week, Annette speaks: “Shut up!” she says in a way that worked. The flop didn’t help Daan, and for the second time he needed running cards. They didn’t come and we’re suddenly down to four.

5.45pm — PokerStars qualifier Reijo Manninen doubles up in a huge pot with Daan Ruiter. Moving all in with A-K Daan found a Reijo with aces which take him over the million mark leaving Daan with around 200k.

5.40pm — Just over an hour played and four players are out. That leaves five with the chips distributed as follows…

Daan Ruiter – Holland — 770,000
Reuben Peters – USA – PokerStars qualifier – 440,000
Annette Obrestad – Norway – 1,300,000
Trond Eidsvig – Norway – 280,000
Reijo Manninen – Finland – PokerStars qualifier – 560,000

5.30pm – Anders Pettersson, Sweden, PokerStars qualifier, eliminated in sixth place for €83,380
Anders Pettersson, one of six PokerStars qualifiers at this final table moves all in with Q-7, called by Trond Eidsvig with A-3. The flop misses both sending the 20-year-old Pettersson out in sixth place.

5.15pm — Michael Durrer, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, eliminated in seventh place for €66,370
Trond Eidsvig moves all-in. Next to him is Michael Durrer – he also moves in and the two battle it out. Queens for Tronde, A-Q for Michael who finds no ace to help him out. After initial confusion is seems Michael had Tronde covered to the tune of 20k. Not much to go in with next hand – K-5 against A-Q from Annette. Again, no help. Another PokerStars qualifier sent to the wings.

The calm before the storm

5.10pm — Thierry van den Berg, Holland, PokerStars qualifier, eliminated in eighth place for €47,650
PokerStars qualifier Thierry moved all-in on a flop featuring two aces only to have his 8-2 bluff exposed by Daan Ruiter who himself had an ace. With an ‘oops’ Thierry leaves the tournament area to a round of applause, an eighth place finish to go with his fifth place in Baden last month.

5.00pm — Reijo wons a pot uncontested, Annette wins a pot uncontested and Reuben wins a pot uncontested. The only difference between the three was that Annette won hers with a 200k pre-flop raise. A sledgehammer raise than came with a smile. No takers.

4.50pm – Casper Hansen, Denmark, eliminated in ninth place for €30,630
After a period of quiet, in heavy contrast to the opening hands, Casper Hansen moved all-in behind a raise from Annette Obrestad, which Annette called. Queens for Casper but aces for Annette which held strong as the flop, turn and river were dealt. No help for Casper, and he is our ninth place finisher.

4.20pm — First hand, first all in. PokerStars qualifier Reuben Peters re-raising but finding no callers. A hand later he does it again and gets the call he needs from fellow qualifier Casper Hansen. Pocket nines for Reuban and Casper shows pocket kings. The nine hit the flop keeping Reuban alive and doubling him up.

4.15pm — Photos done, play is underway on the final table.

4.10pm — Players take their seats amidst a flurry of photographers who are eventually chased away by tournament director Thomas Kremser like he was shooing a flock of pigeons. Whilst Thomas is in the tailored splendour of a pressed suit and tie, attention is focused primarily on Annette. Can she win an EPT to follow her WSOP Europe win and assuage any doubters? Perhaps, but eight other players have something similar in mind.


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