EPT Dublin: Day 3 and that old familiar feeling

November 02, 2007

Just 24 players remain in the EPT Dublin, who staggered away from Industry Hall yesterday at close to midnight with a relieved look in their eyes. For some it was reward for an intense day at the coal face. For others it was a day of manoeuvring for the big push that starts this afternoon.

By now there’s a certain familiarity in Industry Hall. It’s the fourth day here for some, the journey from the hotel to here has had a few minutes shaved off and Dublin is quickly becoming home. Others just want to hang around, dive into a cash game or explore the bar.

Dublin is world renowned for this flash of hospitality. As Ronnie Wood once said “I go off into Dublin and two days later I’m spotted walking by the Liffey with a whole bunch of new friends.”

I’m not sure I could find the river Liffey from here but I think I know what he means. It’s also said that in Dublin you are more likely to be bought a drink by a stranger than anywhere else in Ireland, although I’m still waiting confirmation on that.

Still, you might be more prone to feeling chipper here if it’s your chip stack measuring something like 300k and you’re guaranteed €10,210 no matter what. In that case everyone is your friend.

We start again at 2pm and play until our final nine players remain. For a recap of starting chip counts today, click here.


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