EPT Dublin: At the break

November 03, 2007

At the break Thierry van den Berg is in the mood for talking. After a rough count (read very rough) he has a stack of over 400k and got there thanks to a few good hands and a good read.

“I’m doing really well so I’ll hopefully make the final.”

Thierry van den Berg

It’s looking that way but his table is a tough one, with Annette Obrestad and Andy Black, both with a mountain of chips, sitting either side of him.

“It’s funny” he said. “Three of the players from my table on day one are still here!”

Tournament update:

An approximate chip count of the 13 players left looks something like this:

Andy Black – Ireland – 700k+
Annette Obrestad – Norway – 540k
Thierry van den Berg – Holland – PokerStars qualifier — 420k
Daan Ruiter — Holland – 370k
Ludovic Lacay – France — 230k
Casper Hansen – Denmark – PokerStars qualifier — 200k
Reuban Peters – USA — PokerStars qualifier – 190k
Tronde Eidsvig – Norway — 180k
Michael Durrer – Germany – 170k
Kenneth Hicks Jr – USA – PokerStars qualifier – 130k
Ziad Kaady – USA — PokerStars qualifier – 100k

Anders Pettersson – Sweden – PokerStars qualifier — 75k
Reijo Manninen – Finland – PokerStars qualifier — 40k


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