EPT Dortmund: Wrang running the show

March 10, 2009

“Good luck in Dortmund. Let me know if there are any Danish players you need help with.”

This was a message I received at the start of the day from Simon Langeland, our PokerStars blogger from Denmark, following the tournament from his home in Copenhagen. And I was grateful for the offer sometime during the last level when a then-unknown player was seen scooping a sizeable pot to bring his overall stack to something like 50,000. I asked his name, he said it was Yannick Wrang and that he’s from Denmark. “Do you know Yannick Wrang?” was the message I sent to our man in Copenhagen.

“Sure,” came the reply. “He’s a good friend of mine actually.” That’ll work, I thought. And so we got some biographical information about our chip leader.


Yannick Wrang

Wrang is a 26-year-old economics student at the University of Copenhagen, making a healthy living these days from poker. He won the Danish equivalent of something like $60,000 at a side event at a recent poker festival in Denmark’s capital, but he’s mainly a pot-limit Omaha cash-game specialist.

In the words of Langeland: “He has played a lot of big tournaments around the world – but still needs his first major win.” In the words of me: “The $60,000 win in Copenhagen isn’t considered ‘major’?” I guess not.

Wrang donated five percent of that win to the charity set up by the world champion and fellow Dane Peter Eastgate. That’s called “Friends of Eastgate” and is going great guns in its early days.

As, incidentally, is Wrang. He now sits with something like 55,000 chips. Something to wire back to Copenhagen immediately.


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