EPT Dortmund: Up, down and out

March 10, 2009

Three tables, three stories of varying fortune – control, frustration and elimination, all conveniently displayed in one short spell by a cast featuring Ivan Demidov, Peter Hedlund and Florian Silbereisen.

To watch Demidov play is to witness a baffling display of what looks like laziness, or at best exhaustion. The Russian has a habit of crossing his arms and leaning his forehead on the table between pots, lifting his head to reveal tired eyes and bed head. I saw him sleep through his big blind and then come out raising on his small, chasing away potential opponents and picking up chips before resuming his sleeping position.


Ivan Demidov

On the next table is a player usually found in a more hyper active state. Peter Hedlund, who only two weeks ago came second to Jens Kyllonen in EPT Copenhagen, has assumed his usual position three feet away from the table. He’s looking for a route through a dry spell and almost weeps when a player leaves his table, mourning this loss of a potential goldmine. “Bring him back!” he pleads to Thomas Kremser to no avail, the table carries on without him.

That leaves the concluding chapter of this tale which details Florian Silbereisen’s elimination. The TV man moved all-in for 4,500 and with action folded around it looked like he’d get a useful walk. Instead Jorn Walthaus called, flipping over two red aces to Silbereisen’s pocket jacks. The flop A-Q-T left Silbereisen looking for a king but he’ll probably still be looking for it in his sleep tonight.


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