EPT Dortmund: Tough table

March 10, 2009

Finding your way to an EPT final table is no easy task, but the players over on table 25 today in Dortmund would be a good bunch to ask if you were looking to pick up the habit. There you’ll find the Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki, who made his first final table in London earlier this season, alongside the young Canadian player Andrew Chen, who was the irresistible force among the final eight in Prague in December, and also the American player Christian Harder, known online as “charder”, who made the final table at the PCA last year, and followed it up with an eighth-placed finish here in Germany a month later.

It’s a tough table, but the early indications are that each of these players are showing east other a good deal of respect — at least until the blinds and antes get to a level that make them worth pilfering. Within the first couple of orbits, Harder made it 150 from one off the button, but then folded when Chen bumped it up to around 700 from the small blind. Then Harder reraised an early position bettor, and that too was good enough.

This is likely to be a table worth watching among what amounts to a sea of talent. Within immediate view from our press table at the side of the tournament arena, for instance, are the British player Roberto Romanello, and the fearsome Russian Alexander Kravchenko. Next to Romanello is one of the best-known German players, the PokerStars ShootingStar Johannes Strassman, and opposite Kravchenko sits the hardy perennial Barny Boatman.

The World Cup of Poker winner Malte Strothmann is also easy to pick out of the crowd. For reasons best known to him, but with the whiff of prop bet about it, he is sporting a red nose today. Not just a that of someone with a nasty cold, but a red nose like a clown might wear (or a Comic Relief supporter, for British readers). We’ll get the skinny on that from an always approachable Strothmann later today.


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