Thomas Kremser picks up the microphone, he tells the dealers to deal six more hands, and being the disciplined staff they are they do just that, wrapping up day 1b at the EPT Dortmund. The last act was the exit of last year’s winner Andreas Hoivold, out in a showpiece hand, kings against the ace-queen of Nicolas Levi – Levi flopped trips and turned quads.

217 began today, up 19 on yesterday’s total, choosing poker over a day outside in the rain. Right now the remaining 83 are having their chips counted and bagged before buses, cars and taxis take people to places they can sleep in preparation for day two tomorrow. But first day 1b had its story to tell.

Two of those players are Team PokerStars Pros Daniel Negreanu and Noah Boeken. Of the two it’s Daniel in better shape, sat as he is with close to 60k, and all that after arriving late to the Hohensyburg Casino, wasting no time diving right in. Noah faces a struggle tomorrow but for now that is a few hours away.


The day started with the typically stronger field. As well as Team PokerStars the continents best professionals seemed to arrive in bulk – the likes of Marcel Luske, Ram Vaswani, Roland de Wolfe and Annette Obrestad sat dow to start their Dortmund campaigns, each with varying results.

We also saw EPT Prague winner Arnaud Mattern and last years winner here in Dortmund Andreas Hoivold. It had the hallmarks of a good day, and a volatile one too. The draw flung ElkY and Marcel Luske together; the two sparring well into the night with Marcel ultimately emerging best, doubling through ElkY on a hand that marked the begging of the end fo the PCA winner.


Ram Vaswani swung one way and then the next over the course of six levels. From the start he played with familiar fervor, doubling up inside the first hour, before ending it several hours later on a bluff gone wrong.

Whilst Ram joined the likes of Roland de Wolfe, Arnaud Mattern and Luca Pagano on the rail it was left ot Annette Obrestad, Daniel Negreanu and a few others to set the benchmark for the day. The same faces, the same story, one of dominance and expectation on the newer and older kids of poker.


It closes the first chapter of the EPT Dortmund. Chapter two promises even more and we’ll have chip counts of how things stand before the start of play tomorrow.

Until then, for anyone wanting to catch up on today’s posts, including video blogs of today’s action…

Same as it ever was on day 1b

ElkY and Marcel’s patch

Daniel Negreanu makes his entrance

Lots to see as we reach the first break

It can all turn so quickly

Highs and lows and that murky patch between

Falling short of the finishing line

Photos © Neil Stoddart


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