EPT Dortmund: The views in brief

March 11, 2009

The opening level and everything is fresh – the players, the drinks, the reporters. The view from media row out across the tournament room always looks similar, but it’s never quite the same. And it’s always worth taking a couple of minutes to survey the landscape.

So what’s out there among the 350 registered starters today?

  • Baseball caps, embroidered poker-themed shirts and the sparkle Ed Hardy.

  • After a quarter of an hour some players are already feeling the strain. Three massage therapists work the shoulders of three players at the same table.

  • Katja Thater is distinguishable by her white hat, the type made popular on the tour by Frenchman Nicolas Levi.

  • The dancers of earlier now parade the tournament room dressed in little more than glittery top hats and tails.

  • Ramzi Jelassi lines up opposite his pal Jonas Molander again. Sitting between the Swedes are Davidi Kitai and Peter Eastgate.

  • The ever popular Marcel Luske shares a table with the ever popular Luca Pagano, and Warsaw’s runner-up Nico Behling.

  • Last year’s winner Mike McDonald is also here. Funny to think that just 12 months ago this 19-year-old kid in braces was just an 18-year-old kid in braces.

  • Finally, Peter Hedlund patrols the outer reaches of the tournament room, watching over his horses, armed with a beer and an afternoon off. It wouldn’t be an EPT without him.

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