EPT Dortmund: The best/worst seat in the house

March 10, 2009

At the start of this afternoon, the EPT’s most successful Cypriot, Phidias Georgiou, had the best seat in the house. He was in seat two of table two, which just so happened to be at the very edge of the tournament room and right beside the stage. That meant he was in touching distance of the troupe of cavorting lovelies who bounced around it for a while dressed in clothes apparently produced during the great fabric famine of 2008. They weren’t wearing very much, is what I’m saying, as front-row Georgiou could best attest.


Those heady moments, however, turned out to be Georgiou’s highlights of the day. His seat was vacated sometime during level two, which could only mean one of those miserable days at the office. It was soon filled by the familiar figure of Thang Duc Nguyen, the German player who won an EPT title in Baden in season three. But the seat of doom soon spelled an end for Nguyen too. He was out before the second cabaret of the day started.


Thang Duc Nguyen

That cabaret, incidentally, featured similarly few articles of clothing, a few chairs, a booming microphone and a fair old pair of gills on the woman clutching it. Imagine what you will from those scant details, and the more raunchy of you will have it right.

They gave way for can-can dancers which, as you probably know, means a lot of frills on big bushy skirts, but a reliably frequent view beneath them. Ah, I don’t know why I’m even writing this, when I could just show you this:


The dancers have now departed and its poker all the way until the small hours. The familiar EPT face of Casey Kastle has recently bought his table a round of drinks to oil their passage into the night. That, if you’re wondering, looks like this:



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