EPT Dortmund: Shipping lanes

March 13, 2009

Richard Kellett may have had some chips shipped his way earlier but the shipping is going both ways in the first level. With a board already showing [JS]-[AS]-[8S]-[9S] Kellett made it 60,000 which Holger Kanisch called for a [5H] river card. Hood up, his head rested on his hand and a sleepy expression on his face, Kellett made it another 60,000 to go.

Kanisch wasted no time in announcing all-in, dominating the Englishman chip wise, making it a do or die decision for Kellett. It was either a hero fold or a hero mistake. Kellett laid down the [QS]. Kanisch didn’t show.

Kellett didn’t take too long in getting his chips back in, picking up the blinds and antes with an unanswered all-in.

Over on table three Andreas Hoivold opened a pot, betting 14,000 and getting two callers, one of whom, Martin Hansen, made it 31,500 on the flop of [8H]-[10S]-[9D]. While Hoivold backed down the other caller Johan Percivall pushed all-in, which Hansen called showing [10D]-[9C]. Percivall was ahead though, showing [QS]-[JC] for the straight. No change on the turn or river and the Swede doubled up.


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