EPT Dortmund: Pressure begins to show

March 12, 2009

Rudolf Zintel has had his playing privileges revoked. Zintel tabled pocket kings, ahead of his opponent’s A-K. But crucially the ace was a club and with four on the board by the river Zintel was gone.

That’s the fate Andreas Gülünay was dealt thanks to Clyde Tjauw Foe. Despite a crafty play with 8-4 which made two pairs on the flop, Foe had made a flush on the turn. Sympathy is never enough when you’re out. “What a flop…” said Foe, but Gülünay looked too pained to hear it.

On the joy side of the debate Riccardo Mazzinelli of Italy just became the latest player to thump a table with glee, his set of nines good against Iliodoros Kamatakis’s top two pair.
Shortly afterward Mike McDonald began to show signs of being mortal.

On a flop of [QD]-[6S]-[2S] Kamatakis checked from the small blind before McDonald made it 8,500 from the big. The two had been side by side for much of the day and had grown accustomed to this short term rivalry. With the action back on Kamatakis he announced all-in, leaving McDonald with a decision to make.

But in keeping with the way he’d dealt with these situations all day McDonald didn’t take long to call, showing pocket eights which now trailed to Kamatakis’s [QC]-[10H].

The turn came a [5S]…

“Red! Red! Red!” This was powerful yelling by Kamatakis. “Red! Red! Red!

The river, the [KH]…


The result didn’t cripple McDonald as much as take the wind from his sails. His once mighty stack, which had peaked at something close to 160,000 this afternoon, is now down to roughly 70,000. Work to do for the Canadian as we reach level 14.


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