EPT Dortmund: Photo finish

March 12, 2009

More from Mike McDonald, who just bludgeoned Dren Ukella’s day to a close. Looking for a break, Ukella needed his pocket sevens to hold up against the Canadian’s [QC]-[JH], but was up against a queen on the flop and a bucket load of McDonald momentum.

Yesterday we mentioned William Dean’s practice of taking photos of players playing pots against him, often snapping the moment an opponent folded to his raise. Well, Ivo Donev has his own shtick – taking a photo of the board after he busts out.


Ivo Donev

The dealer graciously allowed Donev to do this after his final hand of the tournament. He moved in with pocket kings and found a caller in World Cup of Poker winner Malte Strothmann who showed pocket sixes. Despite playing his “one time” chip Strothmann’s six hit the flop.

“I had to call” said the sympathetic German.

Smile for the camera, Donev gone.


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