EPT Dortmund: Out and ins

March 11, 2009

Jonas Molander is out, making a crying call after he’d been set all in, from a check-raise, on a board of [AD]-[QC]-[JS]. Molander had A-J but clearly already thought he was behind and hoping to redraw to the full house. His opponent had K-10 for the flopped nut straight and none of Molander’s outs came. He departs.

Better news for Julian Thew, who doubled up with kings against jacks. He now has a fighting stack of close to 20,000. Thew, however, has found himself on something of a nightmare of a table, also featuring Luca Pagano, Marcel Luske and Eric Larchveque.


Julian Thew


Luca Pagano

Somewhat belatedly, the full official list of players has been released, and there were 664 over two days, representing 43 nationalities. The mathematicians are working on figuring out the pay structure, including the all important first prize, and we”ll bring news of that to you when it is known.

In the meantime, the chip counts page has recently been updated showing some approximate stacks from some notable players. Peruse it at your leisure.


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