EPT Dortmund: Once more into the woods

March 11, 2009

Last night Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson bludgeoned his way to the chip lead, a spectacular exhibition of the Swede’s blatant fearlessness which set today’s high water mark at around 84,000. Even in the midst of the last hand, when others were eyeing the door after a long day, Thorson was re-raising with rags, squeezing every last ounce from level eight – it seemed the only thing missing was a roar.

That was yesterday, today anything could happen. Boiled down, the job for the 300 players this afternoon is simple – get to day two.

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The cast will be strong. Peter Eastgate, Dario Minieri and Bertrand Grospellier assume starring roles, ably supported by co-stars Pagano, Luske, Thater and Boeken. Others will assume lucrative recurring roles, while some will be forced to settle for brief cameos. Whatever their story we’ll detail it here, accompanied by video blogs and all the fine detail you’ve come to expect.

Players are arriving ahead of the estimated 2pm start.

It takes 25 minutes to get here by taxi at car chase speeds, the weather colours the sky with European gray and there’s a queue to get in. But this place just happens to be the centre of the poker universe this week – what possible reason is there to leave?

And they’ll be dancers. There’ll be back today.


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