EPT Dortmund: No place for the faint-hearted

March 12, 2009

The plan today is to play nine levels or down to 32 players, and with 87 remaining at the end of today’s level five, it seems likely we’ll be going the distance. Soon-ish, we’ll be entering the hand-to-hand passage of play that announces the approach of the cash bubble. One more time: while the final 64 players will all go home in profit, the player out in 65th will get zilch. Bad beat.

Petter Peterson, who made the final table in Copenhagen last month, is one of the recent fallers. And our qualifier from Michigan, Matthew Sharkey, has also been eliminated. The Dutch player Daan Slutter is another one now on the rail, after his A-K and flopped royal flush draw, couldn’t beat A-J, which straightened out. The winner of that pot, which was for more than 200,000, was the Danish player Martin Bjerring Hansen, and he is now back near the chip lead.

Luca Pagano has slipped back, losing about 60,000 in two key hands. Mike McDonald also took a hit and is down to about 70,000 — details to follow.


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