EPT Dortmund: Man overboard

March 11, 2009

Table one has been a brutal place to be today. At least six players have departed from around that particular slab of baize, the most recent of whom was Dario Minieri. He arrived with a short stack but chipped up to near his starting stack again before an accident with pocket nines spelled the end. Frederic Hostrup had aces and that was that for the Team PokerStars Pro.

Hostrup has more than 25,000 now, but he’s by no means the table captain. That accolade belongs to Alessandro Meoni, another of the growing band of Italian players, who is probably the tournament chip leader at the moment, with more than 55,000. There are still a great many players in the mix so he might not necessarily be alone out front. But that’s where I’d put my money at the moment.

As was the case yesterday, a two-tiered dinner break is about to start. We’re aiming for the first sitting, and our culinary report will be with you shortly. (As, incidentally, will be a chip count.)


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