EPT Dortmund: Luca doubles, Kellett back, Gork up

March 13, 2009

Luca Pagano did his tournament hopes no harm, just doubling up his stack. The Team PokerStars Pro pushed with pocket tens, up against T-9, hitting the case ten on the flop.

Richard Kellett wins a pot against Gregor Waltemann, sending the German out. Since losing a chunk of chips earlier today Kellett has shown a stiff upper lip, climbing back into contention with some well timed moves, his pocket nines this time getting the better of Waltemann’s [8D]-[7D].

Marc Gork in some ways breaks the mould of the average poker player. The German has been reading a book of poetry since day one, a fine print door stop of a book that give shim the air of a quiet intellectual. He just let out the mother of woohoo’s when he caught a ten that ultimately sent Nasr al Nasr to the rail.


Marc Gork

Nasr had shoved with [AD]-[8D] which Gork called with [KD]-[10D]. Gork joked he didn’t want to see any straight flushes and all was friendly and quiet until the river card [10S] sent a surge of adrenaline through Gork, big enough to power his leap from his chair.

Still going strong is PokerStars qualifier Steve Jelinek, who spoke earlier to the video blog team…

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