EPT Dortmund: Level 22 updates

March 13, 2009

Live updates from level 22 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the feature table.

Blinds: 8,000-16,000 (ante: 2,000)

10.25pm: By the hand of Storakers
Mykola Chornyi moved all-in with A-Q and was called by Johan Storakers with pocket jacks for a pot worth several hundred thousand to the winner. The board ran out K-7-6-8-3, changing nothing and sending Chornyi to the rail in 12th place.

10.15pm: McDonald outdrawn
Our lone Ukrainian representative, Mykola Chornyi, has just pulled off a double up against Mike McDonald. McDonald raised from the button, Chornyi three-bet all in from the big blind and McDonald called. It was A-K for the Canadian, A-2 for the Ukrainian, and the flop had both a king and a deuce on it. However, there was a massive cheer from Chornyi’s friends on the rail when the river brought another deuce and McDonald lost a chunk.

10.05pm: Hoivold hounded out
Andreas Hoivold, the EPT Dortmund champion from season three, will not be returning to the winners’ enclosure. The bare facts are that he got it all in pre-flop against Johan Storakers in a classic race situation. Storakers had 9-9, Hoivold had ace king and the board was dry. But the way the hand played out is worth noting, especially for the carefree and friendly manner of the elimination. Florian Langmann raised to 38,000 under-the-gun, and Storakers called. Hoivold then shoved for 160,000 more and Langmann joined all else in folding.

Then things got amusing. Hoivold and Storakers are friends as well as table-mates, and they had dinner together an hour ago. Hoivold was grinning away as Storakers faced a tough decision for pretty much 80 percent of his stack too, and Hoivold cheekily asked: “What do you have?” Storakers then called for a ruling and Thomas Kremser came over. It was all a bit bizarre as no one knew why the tournament director had been called, until Storakers revealed: “Well, he asked me what I have and I just want to know if I can tell him?” fearing a penalty if he revealed his hand, as is the case in some tournaments.

Kremser said: “You shouldn’t. You can ask the audience or you can phone a friend, but you can’t tell him your hand.” This was all beautifully light-hearted, and Storakers then went round the table, pointing at McDonald, Naujoks, Gork and Langmann saying: “You would call, you would call,” etc., etc.

In the end, Storakers also decided he was the kind of guy who would call and did just that. Langmann said he had folded pocket sixes, earning a high five from Gork, and then that the hand could actually play out. Hoivold is gone, Storakers stays on and we are down to 12.

9.50pm: Down to 13
The previous hand had damaged Jelinek’s hopes and he moved in for 156,000. Luca Pagano went to his stack and made the call before the action was folded around to Matthias Kürschner. Kürschner, known as “Kürschner” on PokerStars, thought about the call for a while before passing. Pagano turned over [AH]-[AC] to Jelinek’s [KC]-[7S]. The flop brought some hope, [KH]-[10H]-[5H], but the Team PokerStars Pro held the only heart in play. The turn card [5S] changed nothing but while the [7H] on the river gave the Englishman two pairs it made a flush for Pagano. Jelinek out in 14th place.

9.45pm: “Cenghiz” on the rampage
Jelinek bet early and was called by Cengizcan Ulusu and William Thorson in the big blind for a flop of [AD]-[7S]-[2D]. All three checked the flop for a turn card [6S]. Now Thorson made it 50,000 which the others called for a [JS] on the river. Thorson and Jelinek checked by Ulusu bet 125,000. After pausing for a while both Thorson and Jelinek called. Ulusu showed [KS]-[8S] for the winning flush. Thorson mucked and Jelinek showed pocket jacks for a rivered set.

9.40pm: Kellett culled
Richard Kellett’s terrific run is over. He lost a major pot to his fellow short-stack Johan Storakers in the last level, and then shoved from the big blind after Sandra Naujoks raised from the button. She insta-called and had [AD]-[QD] Kellett was behind with [AC]-[5C]. A queen on the non-club flop all but sealed it, and Kellett heads home.

Kellett’s vanquisher Sandra Naujoks, spoke to the video blog team earlier today…

Watch EPT Dortmund S5: Interview with Sandra Naujoks Day 3 on PokerStars.tv

9.30pm: Fourteen left
Players have taken a 15 minute break and 15 (players, as opposed to minutes) will be coming back to see who will occupy the eight spots around tomorrow’s final table. A full chip count is underway and that will appear on the chip counts page as soon as it is known.


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