EPT Dortmund: Level 21 updates

March 13, 2009

Live updates from level 21 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates. This post will track the action in level 21.

Blinds: 6,000-12,000 (ante: 1,000)

9.20pm: Break time
Players are taking a 15 minute break. Seconds before the bell Johan Storakers doubled up through Richard Kellett, pocket kings against pocket queens in a pre-flop all-in.

9.15pm: Pagano TV
Luca Pagano is a reporter’s dream: he not only gives good copy with his on-table exploits, but he’s always almost impossibly approachable when you encounter him away from the game, and willing to give interviews at pretty much any time. Here, for instance, is the latest offering from Pagano, in conversation with the video bloggers earlier today:

Watch EPT Dortmund S5: Interview with Luca Pagano Day 3 on PokerStars.tv

9.10pm: Champ vs. Champ
Mike McDonald opened the betting at 31,000. It was folded back to Andreas Hoivold who pushed all-in for roughly 150,000. Mike McDonald thought it over for a few seconds but opted to pass.


Andreas Hoivold, left, and Mike McDonald

9pm: Hoivold on the slide
Andreas Hoivold has an awful lot of heart. Problem is, he doesn’t have quite so many chips to back it up these days. He raised to 28,000 from the cut off and Mike McDonald reraised from the button to 75,000. Marc Gork, in the big blind, dwelled but then announced that he was all in for about 480,000. Both others folded. Undeterred, Hoivold raised to 28,000 the very next hand, but this time Mykola Chornyi moved all in from the big blind. He only had about 105,000 more, and that was few enough for Hoivold to call with [KS]-[10S].


Mykola Chornyi

Chornyi had A-Jo and when the board bricked, Hoivold lost another chunk and is now the short stack.

8.45pm: Now Naujoks
Sandra Naujoks just survived two all-in moves. The first with A-6 was called by Marc Gork with A-2, with the result a split pot. The second went uncontested.


Sandra Naujoks

8.40pm: We’re a Johan down
One of our two Swedish Johans is now out. It’s the younger of the two — Percivall — who was ousted, running headlong into Mike McDonald. The hand played out as follows: Robert Kellett raised to 32,000 from early position and Percivall moved in for 110,000, two to Kellett’s left. Mike McDonald called on the button, and everyone else got out of the way, including Kellett, who showed K-Q. That was a wise fold; he would have been dominated both ways. McDonald showed Q-Q and Percivall had a suited A-K, but the queens stood up to finish Percivall’s participation. The only Johan left is Johan Storakers.

8.30pm: Key hand for Thorson
William Thorson just doubled up. The Team PokerStars pro re-raised all-in after a bet by Matthias Kürschner. The German (who came third in the Sunday Million last weekend for $130,000 under the name “Kürschner”) called with A-Q but Thorson was ahead with Q-8. An eight on the river gave Thorson a full house and a stack of about 850,000.

8.15pm: Back from dinner
Players are reconvening and are about to resume level 21 after the dinner break. Not that some of them ever spent that much time apart. William Thorson, Andreas Hoivold, Steve Jelinek, Mike McDonald and Johan Storakers all broke bread together around the same table.

7.10pm: Redraw, then dinner
Two tables remain. Players are re-drawing for seats before departing for an hour long dinner break. Play is due to restart at 8.15pm.

7.05pm: Rugini all-in
Emanuele Rugini moved all in for roughly 100,000 pre-flop. Langmann passed but Richard Kellett called showing [QH]-[10H]. Rugini, who had spent Kellett’s thinking time away from teh table, returned to show [KH]-[JC]. The flop sapped his lead though, bringing a queen that held strong for Kellett and sent Rugini out in 17th place.

7pm: Level up
The claxon just sounded that signals the end of the level. We now go into level 21 with 17 players. The featured table, currently available on EPT Live is really special. William Thorson, Luca Pagano, Mike McDonald and Sandra Naujoks are all there.


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