EPT Dortmund: Level 20 updates

March 13, 2009

Live updates from level 20 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates. This post will track the action in level 20.

Blinds: 5,000-10,000 (ante: 1,000)

6.55pm: Pointless but vaguely interesting fact of the day
The last seven players eliminated have all been from Germany. If a German player falls next then the 17th to 24th pay bracket, worth €17,000 per player, will be entirely Deutsch.

6.50pm: Another one gone
Jan Collado-Fernandez is out. He moved in with A-2 for 103,000 pre-flop and was called by Florian Langmann with K-Q. He spiked a queen on the river to bust Collado-Fernandez. 17 left.

6.40pm: Long day for Langmann
On a flop of [AS]-[8D]-[4H] Matthias Kürschner checked to Florian Langmann who bet 40,000. Richard Kellett, covering the lower half of his face with his collar, mucks, leaving the action on Kürschner who calls using two towers of reds. The turn comes [9D]. Kürschner immediately announces all-in which produces a long groan from Langmann. It’s 156,000 for the German to call, an option he eventually decline.

6.25pm: Your Timex is up
Mike McDonald’s back-to-back championship charge remains on track after the young Canadian just eliminated Amir Sarughieh. The German player raised all in pre-flop from early position and McDonald, one to his left, also moved all in. Everyone else got out of the way and it was an [AC]-[10C] for Sarughieh and [AS]-[KC] for McDonald. Although Sarughieh picked up a straight draw on the turn, it never came and he left us. McDonald is now up to 600,000+

6.20pm: Hold on to your Storakers
On a flop of 9-8-9 Marc Gork bet 25,000 from the button. Johan Storakers immediately pushed all-in from the big blind for 100,000. A slight pause followed before Gork called showing A-4, trailing Storakers’s K-8. It stayed that way the Swede doubles up.


Johan Storakers

6.10pm: Still 19 left.
A stand off between William Thorson and Steve Jelinek, and a bunch of chips goes to the Englishman. The action came pre-flop, Jelinek re-raising to 100,000 after Thorson had originally made it 45,000. Thorson mucked. It was a similar story on table three where Marc Gork raised to 23,000 in the cut off before Waldemar Kopyl bumbed things up to 55,000. Gork thought before folding Kh-Qh face up.

6.05pm: Doubling up
Amir Sarughieh has just doubled up his stack of around 105,000, and again it is the overnight chip leader Holger Kanisch who has lost out. Kanisch raised from the button, Sarughieh reraised from the big blind and Kanisch called and showed [10C]-[10H]. The all-in player had [KS]-[QS] and the flop was friendly: [2S]-[4H]-[8S]. The turn completed the flush – [JS], and the ten on the river was immaterial. Kanisch is at his lowest point since yesterday afternoon — about 360,000 — while Sarughieh breathes again.

5.55pm: Back to the action
Florian Langmann and William Thorson, neck and neck in chips, just tangled in a pot. There was betting and calling all the way to the river on a board of [KS]-[6S]-[AS]-[JH]-[9H] when Langmann bet 85,000 on the end. Thorson thought for a while but passed, adding a couple of hundred to Langmann’s stack.

5.45pm: Break time over
Players will be returning from their break at approximately 5.45pm local time.

5.30pm: Marc Gork runs hot
The German player — more specific! — the German player, Marc Gork, has just eliminated the German player — more specific! — the Germany player, Moritz Kranich. They got it all in pre-flop: Q-J for Kranich, 4-4 for Gork and after a four flopped, Kranich was drawing thin. Kranich will not become the first double-EPT winner, but it’s another fine run from this youngster.

One player who is still on for that record is Mike McDonald, the defending EPT Dortmund champion. He spoke to our video blog team ahead of today’s action:

Watch EPT Dortmund S5: Interview with Michael McDonald Day 3 on PokerStars.tv


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