EPT Dortmund: Langmann’s long game

March 13, 2009

Florian Langmann’s shooting star continues to blaze in Dortmund. He just took down a huge pot — something in the region of 120,000 — and eliminated Umberto Vitagliano in the process.

The pre-flop action was unclear, as was the betting through a flop, turn and river that ended up giving Umberto’s [6C]-[7C] a straight on a 8-10-J-9-x board, but a bigger straight to Langmann, who had pocket queens. Earlier this week, Langmann was named as the newest recruit to the PokerStars ShootingStars team, the elite band of players from German-speaking nations.

He’s proving once again the wisdom of that recruitment process as he makes another deep run in an EPT.


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