EPT Dortmund: Italiano und Deutsch

March 11, 2009

And so the drip, drip of eliminations begin. Salvatore Bonavena has just seen his latest chance of becoming the first two-time EPT champion evaporate into the Dortmund ether. No one seemed to see the hand, but everyone noticed the EPT Prague champion standing at the rail, looking for a progress report on his former final-table adversary-turned-good-friend Francesco Cipriani, who remains in the field.

There’s a familiar, and hugely popular, early leader here. The home favourite George Danzer looks like he’s the first to get close to the 30,000 mark.


George Danzer

The scarf-wearers scarf wearer is his usual dashing presence on home turf and is attracting both chips and attention from the supporters.

Speaking of attention, Dario Minieri has just moved onto the same table as his countrymen Andrea Benelli and Daniele Mazzia, which means the chants of “Vamos!” have escalated ten-fold among the already enthusiastic Italian railbirds. Minieri won a sizeable pot the minute he sat down, flopping top two pair against an opponent’s top pair and flush draw.

Minieri turned the full house (kings and jacks) and beat the irrelevant flush when that appeared on the river. They’re approaching the end of level three. Here’s a visual peek at day 1b in Dortmund:

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