EPT Dortmund: Hooray Horecki

March 10, 2009

Marcin Horecki was down to about 3,000 chips within the first couple of levels, but he has now vaulted up to around 25,000. He was all in on a flop of [JC]-[8S]-[2S] holding [JS]-[3S] for top pair and a flush draw. He wasn’t ahead at that point, however, because his opponent had K-K. Running threes on turn and river, however, were good for the outdraw.


Marcin Horecki

A few hands later, and Horecki took a chunk from Andrew Chen. Horecki raised from the cut-off and Chen called in the big blind. The flop was A-K-10 and Horecki bet. Chen called that too. The turn was a six. Bet, call. And the river was a 5. Bet, call. Horecki showed pocket sixes for the turned set. Chen mucked.

The former downhill ski champion from Poland is now on the climb.


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