EPT Dortmund: Getting your priorities straight

March 12, 2009

Italian pro Max Pescatori is in the ascendancy, taking another tense pot. The flop was on the board, [2D]-[AC]-[JC]. A bet of 2,600 was raised by the Italian who then went into a state of immovable concentration. Was he trying not to give anything away, or was he intent on following an important football match on a screen the size of a stamp? Who could tell? All I can say is that his face didn’t give much away when he stacked up his new chips.

As the clock ticked to zero on level seven Pescatori disappeared from his seat. Instead he was stood in the wings with a few friends crowding round the screen. As followers of European soccer will know tonight was an important Champions League date, and Pescatori’s AS Roma, the same team beloved by Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri, was in action against Arsenal for a quarter final place. But as Pescatori’s fortunes increased at the table, Roma’s declined on the field, elimination for them, progression but with a heavy heart for Pescatori.


Max Pescatori

Noah Boeken’s hopes have gone up in smoke. He moved in with Q-6, called by A-8 which survived the 9-3-4-K-3 board. At the same table PokerStars ShootingStar Jan Heitmann’s day keeps on getting better, taking another pot when he made a straight with A-T on a A-J-K-3-Q board, much to the irritation of his opponent who lightening-mucked.

Elsewhere William Dean’s attempt to photograph his way to a title has ended. He’s out in level eight. As are the likes of Marcel Luske, Stephen Chidwick, Noah Boeken, Frederic Hostrup and Katja Thater.


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