EPT Dortmund: Everything’s changing

March 11, 2009

How’s this for a line up. Michael Keiner, Danny Ryan, Michael Schultze, Mike McDonald, Katja Thater and Roland Specht. In that order.

Schultze, a winner in season four in Warsaw, extended his stay at his home tournament, doubling up through Michael Keiner when he moved all-in with A-Q against Keiner’s A-T. It keeps one of the more intriguing line ups alive a little longer.

But only for a matter of minutes. Danny Ryan would be the next to depart. In his own words “he got it in with the best of it” which was fairly accurate, given that he’d called an all-in with his own A-Q against 8-6. Ryan was covered and out when an eight hit. He joins Albert Iverson on the rail after his tumble down the chip charts.


Danny Ryan

There have been other movements. Marcel Luske, Julian Thew and Luca Pagano were once table mates before their set up was dismantled, scattering each of them across the room, and Jan Heitmann now shares a table with Noah Boeken. William Dean, the bearded photographer mentioned earlier in the day is still playing in level seven, seated with Davidi Kitai and Christophe Gross.


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