EPT Dortmund: EPT Live

March 13, 2009

Action has started on all four tables, and the kind of action we see at this stage frequently doesn’t bear much resemblance to that which has gone before. Constantin Meyer, the short stack with only 42,000 at the start of the day, moved all in from the button after it was folded to him and Alessandro Meoni made a mandatory, if reluctant, call from the big blind.

Meyer had [6D]-[9S] and was actually dominating Meoni’s [6S]-[8H]. The flop was totally dry — [JC]-[7D]-[3S]-[2C]-[2S] — and Meyer doubled up.

That hand took place on the featured table, which you can watch on the live webcast currently on EPT Live.

The table also has Mike McDonald and Luca Pagano around it. Enjoy.


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