EPT Dortmund: Eastgate shown the door

March 11, 2009

Among the usual cerebral chatter over dinner this evening (“Is a courgette just a cucumber you can cook?”) was the question of whether Peter Eastgate was still in the tournament or out. Ten minutes before the break, when one of the dinner guests had conducted a chip count, he was in and sitting with about 5,000 in chips. But about five minutes before the break, when one of our number was reclining in the player lounge, Eastgate was also sighted there, looking for all the world as though he had been vanquished.

We had to wait until the Eastgate’s half of the draw returned from their supper until we could be absolutely sure, but after 20 minutes has passed and Eastgate’s former chair was still vacant, we drew a line through his name and became convinced that we were a world champion down.


Peter Eastgate

Also now out is Ramzi Jelassi, the ebullient Swede who ran ace-king headlong into pocket kings for a 40,000 chip pot. There are some sizeable swings going on here today, which we will do our best to get on top of and reflect on the chip count page. If yesterday is any indication, we’ll be taking a 15-minute break at the end of this level, the dancing girls will come back to twirl provocatively on some chairs for a few minutes, and then we’ll have three more one-hour levels until the end of play.


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