EPT Dortmund: Clash of the titans

March 13, 2009

Holger Kanisch is fulfilling his brief as chip leader by getting involved in numerous pots and attempting to apply the pressure on to his lesser-equipped adversaries. Problem being, he’s sitting only a couple of seats away from the player in second place, Marc Gork, who doesn’t seem inclined to go anywhere fast.

The two just got involved in a pot against Marc Gork where they saw a flop of [9C]-[3H]-[QH] and Kanisch bet 26,000. Call. The [3D] turned and after Kanisch checked, Gork bet 37,000 and Kanisch then folded. Kanisch still leads, but Gork is breathing down his neck.

Nasr El Nasr is also on that table, and he just picked up some chips from Richard Kellett after the young Englishman made it 15,000 to play from the button. Nasr moved in, Kellett folded, and that was that. A similar attempt on the next hand by Kellett was more successful, however, and this time the 15,000 pinched the blinds and antes.


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