EPT Dortmund: Chips for dinner

March 12, 2009

Players have just returned from their dinner break, where some of them took on some sustenance, some of them took on some nicotine, some of them took a brief walk and some of them — William Thorson and Max Pescatori, for example — merely transferred their intense on-table rivalry to a different location. The PokerStars players’ lounge and a game of soccer on the Wii, to be precise. (Note Luca Pagano on the substitutes’ bench.)


While they did that, the chip counters busied themselves bringing us up to date with the latest tournament standings from the 99 players remaining. Those counts can be found on the chip count page, and you’ll notice that it’s no surprise that Thorson was looking so composed during the break. He was the first through 200,000 and is still heading the pack.

Mike McDonald is leading those breathing down Thorson’s neck, while Pagano is also right up there. And although Pescatori has slipped back a little, the three tablemates and the defending champion are still all very healthy at this stage.


Luca Pagano stacks chips like this


… and Pescatori like this


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