EPT Dortmund: Break time

March 12, 2009

The remaining 147 players have just taken their first break of the day. Two levels done, 107 players busted, business as usual.

Flying highest is the Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson, who has 161,000 at the break, and is hardly under threat by the new blinds and antes of level 11 — 600-1,200 (100). Also among the chip leaders is Mike McDonald, and that particular phrase was often typed round about this time last year when the young Canadian went all the way to final table, then the title, making him the youngest-ever EPT champion.

Jan Heitmann’s spectacular rise has also continued. After taking that hit earlier with kings against the aces of Matthew Sharkey, it’s been one-way traffic in the right direction for the personable German, and he now has something like 80,000. On the final hand before the break, he made a straight with 8-3. On the first hand back after it, he flopped a full house with pocket aces. A good player can play any two cards, and Heitmann is proving precisely that.

Tournament staff conducted a full official chip count of the break and the fruits of their furious tallying will be available for all to see momentarily on the chip counts page.

Meanwhile, the team of video bloggers have emerged blinking into the sunlight from their editing suite, clutching the following for your delectation:

Watch EPT Dortmund S5: Introduction in to Day 2 (English) on PokerStars.tv


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