EPT Dortmund: Best men and bridesmaids

March 11, 2009

Among the PokerStars blog staple posts is the one about the former winners. We could write that again today in Dortmund if we wanted: Perrault, Thew, ElkY, MacDonald, Bonavena, Boeken and Martin are providing the grist for that particular mill.

But why should they hog the limelight, just because they’ve each won one of Europe’s biggest tournaments? What about the runners up? No one remembers who came second, is the familiar lament. But screw that, today we remember them — mainly because there are a host of them aiming to go one better today in Dortmund. And if we throw open our arms to players finishing in the top four, we can embrace even more.

So, today we’ll also be keeping our eyes on Nico Behling (runner up in Warsaw, season five), Florian Langmann (second in London, season four), Antony Lellouche (second in San Remo, season four) and Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier who was a bridesmaid in Copenhagen on season three before he was a PCA champion.


Luca Pagano

Additional former members of the EPT bridal party are Dario Minieri (twice a third place finisher), Benny Spindler (third, PCA 2009), Luca Pagano (third, Barcelona, season one), Davidi Kitai (third, Barcelona season five), and Andrea Benelli (fourth, Deauville, season five). And they’re just the ones we can think of without the help of Wikipedia.

What price one better in Dortmund?


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