EPT Dortmund: All in, English style

March 13, 2009

Naturally it didn’t take long for the all-ins to begin. One of three remaining champions Andreas Hoivold holding [AS]-[QH] called the all-in of Jan Collado-Fernandez who showed [AD]-[3D]. Not a great start for the Norwegian – the board was studded with diamonds, running [10D]-[6D]-[KC]-[JD]-[7S], costing Hoivold more than 70,000.

Englishman Richard Kellett is another asking the question. He shoved for nearly 130,000, his stack lined up colour coded on the table as he stood behind his table. The Englishman has a few supporters on the rail ready to cheer him on as Gregor Waltemann, slouched sideways in his chair, pondering the age old poker question, “Do I call?”

“I call.” That answered that then. Kellett turned over pocket threes while Waltemann showed [AD]-[QD].

The flop couldn’t have been kinder to Kellet, landing [6C]-[3S]-[6S].

“That’s what I’m talking about!” in the language of a northern Englishman. “Ship it!” he added. Everyone knew what he meant.

Falko Bertheau was next, moving all in with peanuts, holding [KS]-[QS]. Waltemann called him with [9C]-[5H], doubling up Bertheau when a queen hit the flop.


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