EPT Dortmund: All change please

March 11, 2009

There may be noble causes, fights worth fighting, but when it comes to the dealer at Noah Boeken’s table his cause would always be a losing one, however admirable the attempt. Trying to maintain order the dealer reminded players again and again of the English only policy at the table, but it was no use – seven of the nine players hailed from Holland. Hopeless.


Jorryt van Hoof

Oh well. In the meantime Boeken is scrapping away, picking up a few thousand against Jorryt van Hoof who has been kept in suspended massage for some time now. In a three way hand the 5s-3c-7h-7s-Jh board had been checked to the river before Boeken bet 1,500, good to take it down.


Wrestling for chips: Katja Thater and Noah Boeken

Directly behind him sits fellow Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater whose multi-national table features two former EPT winners in Mike McDonald and Michael Schultze. Thater is slightly above the 14,000 average, as are the two champs as the second half of the field breaks for dinner.


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