EPT Dortmund: A tale of two champions

March 12, 2009

For all the talk of Mike McDonald on course for a second Dortmund title it’s worth remembering that Andreas Hoivold is in exactly the same position. The Norwegian, who won here in its inaugural year, pushed all-in on a hand against Jan Collado-Fernandez.

With the board reading [7D]-[KS]-[10D]-[8C] Collado-Fernandez made it 12,500. Vedat Akdemir, also in the hand at this stage, spent several minutes thinking about the call but eventually passed leaving it up to Hoivold to keep Collado-Fernandez in check. He did with the all-in shove. Collado-Fernandez had looked comfortable with the decisions on everyone else, but now, with the price of calling being everything he had, he spent seven minutes debating in his head, eventually passing, much to the irritation of Hoivold who showed his [AS]-[JD].


Andreas Hoivold

“I had A-9 of diamonds,” admitted Collado-Fernandez.

Two tables along fellow former Dortmund champ McDonald is brandishing a killer stack.
Iliodoros Kamatakis announces all-in with A-3 from the small blind.

“Did you even look?” asked McDonald before taking the briefest glances at his own cards and calling from the big blind with A-7. A three on the flop bailed out Kamatakis.

A similar result is what George Danzer was hoping for when he and Tobias Pickhard started building a pot. With the board already showing [7H]-[KH]-[KS]-[JH] Pickhard moved all-in. Danzer asked for a count. The call would leave him with less than 10,000 if things didn’t go his way.

“It’s going to be close,” he said smiling. Then adding, “I need some information from you now,” in a kind of menacing way that, were it not for the grin, would lead you to think he was about to torture Pickhard.

“Ace-three, maybe the ace of hearts?” he asked, getting the silent treatment in reply. “Am I right?” Still nothing.

“I don’t see you having this,” said Danzer. “I call.” The German turned over pocket tens.

Pickhard did have it, turning over [KC]-[9C].

“Oh my God,” said Danzer. The [QC] on the river changed nothing. Danzer mucked, close to the felt now in level 12.


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