EPT Deauville: Up to the Gill

January 20, 2009

Carter Gill has become a familiar face on the EPT, LAPT and APPT in the past couple of years, either qualifying in PokerStars satellites or exchanging online tournament dollars to make it to the big dances.

And he’s done mighty well: a cash in the main events in Asia (Macau) and one in Australia (Sydney); a couple in South America (Punta del Este and San Jose) and one in Europe (London).

He also won the APPT High Roller event in Auckland, New Zealand, a couple of months after taking $230,000 for third in a World Series event. It’s been some globetrotting roll.

Gill is here in Deauville and just doubled up in a hand that took its own wending way to its conclusion. All in in late position, for about 3,500 after a mid-position raiser, Gill looked like picking up two callers when the big blind dwelled for a while before folding.

_MG_4205_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Carter Gill, left

The mid-position player, Emile Petit, made the mandatory call and showed A-10. Gill had A-K. The big blind claimed to have folded A-Q and Gill was disappointed, thinking it robbed him a triple up.

That opinion shifted on the flop: Qh-5d-10d, which put Gill second in the actual coup and third in the imagined three-way pot. “Uh-oh,” said Gill.

The turn, though, was the Jc to give Gill broadway, and he was smiling again at the double up, grimacing at the failure to triple up, but ultimately happy that the journey continues. He’s somewhere near his starting stack again.


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