EPT Deauville: Treading a familiar path

January 22, 2009

The player reward system on PokerStars has been adding incentives to online play for years: bronze stars become silver; silver turns to gold; gold morphs into platinum, before we leave the metals behind and go cosmic. There we meet our Supernovas and Supernovas Elite.

On the European Poker Tour, there’s a much less official ranking of PokerStars qualifiers, casually created by us bloggers who go along to most of the events. There are always a gratifying number of New Qualifiers, a fair few Frequent Qualifiers, and a handful of Serial Qualifiers, who we see at just about every event.

Without doubt, the German player Janek Schleicher is a Serial Qualifier. I first spoke to him in Budapest this season, but had definitely seen his face before, at the World Series probably, maybe in Barcelona or elsewhere across the poker world. Since then, however, Schleicher has been leaving his home in Jena, in eastern Germany, and heading everywhere, including Prague, the Caribbean for the PCA and now here in Deauville.

_MG_9226_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Janek Schleicher

Schleicher cashed in Budapest and he’s looking extremely strong here. He had more than 50,000 at the end of yesterday and has been going in the right direction so far today. He confirmed as much with a cheery nod and a thumb pointing upwards towards the chandeliers of the grand ballroom.

It’s not a huge step from Serial Qualifier to Serial Casher. Schleicher is heading in the right direction.


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