EPT Deauville: Towards the money on day 2

January 22, 2010

Day two at EPT Deauville. If this was the ascent of a great mountain we’d be up around the midway point about now; the Sherpas following right behind you with the gear, carrying your chips perhaps, while you look onwards and up to what is the ultimate prize, the summit and €847.000.

That’s today’s analogy done with, now to the cold hard facts.

From the 768 players who bought in to this event 388 remain. We’ve played nine 60 minute levels already but today’s levels will stretch out to 75 minutes. We’ll play for six of them without a dinner break. That’s right, no buffet. Just poker all the way.

_MG_4266_Neil Stoddart.jpg

At the end of those levels we will discover whether the leaders over the combined day one were able to extend their lead, or whether they were cast headlong into a spiral of loss and ignominy. Robert Cezarescu, Vladimir Geshkenbein and Luca Pagano, the top three afters days 1a and 1b, will hope for the former, nay, they’ll assume it as their right. But day twos never go so easily and are bound to vomit some unseen mishap onto someone, somewhere, at some point.

But that’s all part of the fun and we’ll detail all of it, even the long stretches of inactivity, right here on the PokerStars Blog. Players are trickling into the Salle des Ambassadeurs, bags are being torn open and chips are being restacked. The action starts right here very soon.


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