EPT Deauville: The bottle of Remy

January 21, 2009

With less than a level to play it’s a case of keeping up with latest dispatches from the front – several players get a mention.

Dave Ulliott just passed the 50K barrier courtesy of a simple 8s-6s hand, good for a flopped pair of sixes that bettered the pocket fives of his bet-friendly opponent.

The French are powering up for a full on day two assault, although there have been some hurdles. Remy Biechel made it 3,525 pre-flop only to see the player in seat nine move all-in for close to 10,000 more. Biechel thought for a while, then, with the chips already in his hand, dropped them into the pot like he’d been shocked in the back and his hand had opened involuntarily. Biechel showed fives, defenceless against his opponent’s pocket tens.

Then Gerard Kruschat found a hand and pushed in pre-flop behind some action from countryman Guillaume Darcourt. Darcourt looked annoyed, spinning a chip with one hand. He was clean shaven when he arrived this morning but was now showing seven levels and nine minutes of stubble.

Hands shaking Kruschat displayed his stack of 10,375, defying anyone to take it on in head to head combat. Nobody did. Kruschat proudly showed his pocket kings and grabbed the chips from the pot quicker than any dealer ever could. It could be enough to see him safely through to day two.


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