EPT Deauville: Thanks for playing

January 22, 2009

Devilfish to the left, Devilfish to the right. Fatigue can get to you on the tour but not usually enough for you to start seeing double. In one direction I saw chip leader Ulliott and a few minute later there he was again, in the complete opposite direction. Such is the speed of this ninth level that tables are breaking before anyone can really get an accurate lay of the land and Devilfish is already on the move.

If the first level of day two is anything, it’s a celebration of the all-in shove. Festivities include finding a pretty looking card, or any card, and running with it regardless.

Participants either double up quickly before really starting to suffer or your day comes to an abrupt end and your table privileges and ballroom access are revoked.

Frenchman Roger Hairabedian took part, happy with his jack and eight kicker. He was dominated by the K-J of his countryman Sebastien Marchand though. Thanks for playing. One gone.

Matthews Marafioti did the same, gone from Surinder Sunar’s table with a “gee-gee” and an eye for the door, an orderly line forming to get out. It’s a scene we can expect to see for some time.

It’s not all a fight for survival. Ludovic Lacay is heading in the opposite direction, betting and raising on a board of 2s-Jc-4d-3h-7h, showing 6s-5s for a straight.

A total of 248 arrived today, a few more than 200 remain after 45 minutes of day two. Brace yourself.


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