EPT Deauville: Sympathy for El Diablo

January 22, 2009

A “Yes! (Bang). (Bang). Yes!” in that order – another double up to keep a player’s cash dream alive. Balance that with the “(Bang) Non! (Bang). (Bang)” and you have the Morse code of victory and defeat ringing across the ballroom. It’s easy to translate.

Over on Gino Alacqua’s table El Diablo himself is ready to pull the trigger. No he’s not. It looked like an all-in but instead was merely a raise, Alacqua proudly holding up the two black chips he kept back in reserve, short stacked but still loaded with a commendable sense of optimism.

_MG_4683_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Gino Alacqua

While Alacqua grinned on, Peter Cizmarik doubled up. It’s not certain whether the Slovak was pleased or devastated. The sigh when his pocket fives held up could easily have been that a man desperate to end his own private card dead hell. His double up took him to less than 10,000. He may get his wish soon enough.

Meanwhile Isabelle Mercier stays out of all the excitement. The Team PokerStars Pro does interviews to camera while the carnage goes on around her. But if you can keep your head while others around you lose theirs… etc. etc.


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