EPT Deauville: “Survivor” wraps up; 6-Max underway

February 05, 2015

The Rocky-themed “Survivor” €500 event is over with seven players getting paid €3,291 but unfortunately for Joep van den Bijgaart, he was not among those remaining. Van den Bijgaart had been railed by former EPT winner Ruben Visser, the latter having busted the EPT Main Event a couple of hours ago.

When they were close to the bubble, Visser said,”Everyone should be folding when a short stack shoves. The aim isn’t to win is this sort of event, it’s to not lose.” Visser was waiting for van den Bijgaart with a planned six-hour road trip back to the Netherlands when his fellow Dutchman had finished with this event.


Anthony Monin and fellow winners of the €500 ‘Survivor’ event

The official winner (getting the title and €3 – yes, three euros more due to legal reasons – more due to having the biggest stack with seven players left) was Anthony Monin with the other six winners being Diego Gomez, Laszlo Telek, Volodymyr Hancharyk, Albert Mykhaylyuta, Manuel Andrees Sadornil and Jonas Lauck.

Elsewhere, the €1k Pot-Limit Holdem is well underway with a total of 24 players so far including Ben Dobson, €300 Deepstack Turbo winner Makram Saber, Gustav Nordh, former EPT runner-up Pierre Neuville, FPS €2k HR finalist Jean Montury and Jorma Nuutinen.


Makram Saber is going for his second title

The final table of the two-day €500 event has just been reached, Eureka4 Vienna finalist Bryan Paris went out in 11th place, winning €2,500. Everyone on the final is guaranteed a minimum €2,990 with €28,680 for the winner.

The latest event to kick off is the €1k 6-Max event which began at 6pm with 50 entries. Those playing include two-time EPT winner Vicky Coren Mitchell, Michel Abecassis, Olof Haglund, Andrey Gulyy and Event #10 winner here Paul Hoefer. This is a one-day tournament and is scheduled to finish later tonight.

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